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PAIN in oriental understanding is NOT a pathogen causing a health-related problem but simply “stagnation” in KI/Blood flow (or- body functioning). Pain is nothing but a STIMULUS created by the body when trouble is sensed, such as damaged tissue, that is delivered to the brain providing information about the characteristics of the problem and awakening a natural RECOVERY process. Thus, proving the mind is relaxed (parasympathetic state). So fighting pain is not the root of recovery because ignoring/sedating pain means interfering the natural process of recovery. The goal in Shiatsu-Anma therapy is to “reveal” the pain by touching in a controlled relaxed manner so the natural process is unblocked and renewed (KI flow). If pain indicates severe local damage than naturally we will not be able to comfortably touch it! STRESS is the body’s reaction to a change that requires a physical, mental or emotional adjustment or response. It begins as a momentary tension and after a while may become “…

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